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All Program Outcomes

This is an affiliated college and follows the syllabus of the University of Mysore. The “Perspective plan” of the institution reminds the works force to develop the passion to practice the best practices without compromise. A series of group discussion programs are conducted.

The Institution extends an unconditional support to the students’ with more humane and enlightenment, the shift from traditional method to innovative method make students interactive and participative learning and the various activities which address the academic, socio economic and emotional issues of the students.

Feedback from students clearly indicates that the chalk and talk method is to some extent becoming inadequate to sustain the interest of the students. Students are involved in role-play, case studies and puzzle-solving, trouble shooting, brainstorming sessions, Panel discussions, and management games, etc. The freedom of expression of the students, students’ criticism and suggestions are treated with respect to ensure the quality of learning.

Every year we receive teaching plan from all the teachers in which probable number of classes available in each semester. Topics to be covered during those hours will be made known to the concerned head of the department. He in turn conducts periodical meetings with the staff and takes stock of the situation. Due to unforeseen circumstances if classes could not be conducted, special classes will be conducted to make good of the loss. Based upon the syllabus different teaching strategies are evolved to different category of the students ranging from slow learners to rank holders. For slow learners, repetitive teaching and remedial measures are taken in the class room. For rank holders, supply of materials through print and electronic media, discussions, seminars, extra assignments etc. are done. Outcome of these programmes are indicated in the results we receive. We are proud to say that our college result is far above the university average. Special attention given to rank holders has yielded fruits. It is indicated in the list of rank holders in our college. Course outcomes can be adjudged in different manners also. In schemes like NSS, Red Cross, cultural forums, sports, student counseling we have direct contact with students. We get feedback directly from student in face-to face contacts. As we have various forums students are easily accessible. Mentors of classes are instructed to get programme outcomes, specific outcomes and outcomes for all programmes. We have programmes like placement cell, library, students counseling units, Red Cross, NSS, NCC, Rovers, Sports etc. We introduce certain schemes to understand the grievances of the students. Mentors collect feedback from them. Opinions expressed by parents and alumni are passed on to the students. The Institution caters to the rural student, who aspires for a basic degree. A marginalized, poor illiterate parent would always aspire for a literate, graduate child with prospects of a better life. The government of Karnataka provides financial aid in the form of scholarships to students who belong to the scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and other backward communities annually. These scholarships are distributed to the respective students through cheques. The institution is prepared to extend extra facilities to differently abled students. The college library has special book banks for SC, ST and meritorious students. Based on the feedback from the students, weekend special tutorials are conducted along with regular tutorial classes. The slow learners are subjected to extensive class room training. Their morale is boosted by proper guidance and suggestions and their learning skills are improved. Teachers dedicate their extra time for developing the cognitive skills of the slow learners. The net result has tremendously helped in the improvement of the students’ performance.

Mentoring of students followed in different forms-

  • Interactive sessions:- The various departments conducts interactive sessions. Those who involve have displayed a remarkable change in their attitude to academic pursuits, bonds of appreciation and affection between teachers and students.
  • Student Fostering System:- Students fostering system is practiced in the college. Each student from the junior class is attached to a senior fellow who will guide, help and monitor his/her performance at various stages and a co-operative learning environment is created.
  • Personal Counselors:- The institution has tutor-ward system. The faculties actively participate in academic and personal counseling.
  • In the beginning of the every academic year, a general orientation program briefs the students about the current trends and new inventions.
  • The subject wise focus group discussions help the respective students to update and adopt the new areas of learning.
  • IQAC develops and conducts entry and exit survey to assess the level of satisfaction generated through learning exercises. Institution sets periodical benchmarks for improvement of results, placement, skill development and overall quality enhancement in the learning process, by that the institution promotes confidence in the students to be expressive.
  • Reprographic facility is provided both for the students and staff in the library.
  • Computer training for both teaching and non-teaching staff is being conducted by the Management.