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Library & Information Centre

P.E.S. College of Science, Arts and Commerce, Mandya

The library is one of the oldest and largest libraries in the Mandya district. The Library started functioning in the year 1966 with the inception of the college. It has a glorious record of 50 years of worthy service with a resource collection of more than 50 thousand volumes in its systems today. The library has a very good internet browsing center with more than 36 computer systems with internet connection for students and teachers. Further, the library provides E-resources service through subscribing N-LIST membership to its users.

The present library is situated in the new building and has 300 Sq Mts. It has seating capacity of more than 150 students at a time. It has different sections like; active stock section, reference section, circulation section, technical section, Electronic Information Resource Center (EIRC), and NEWS paper reading room. Further, it has Photocopy facility and security counter facility for library users’ belongings.

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Library & Infrastructure


The library and information center of the college will strive to be the most informative library. To inspire and provide information to the student community and also to be knowledgeable, networked, innovative and successful.


The library and information center provides quality resources and innovative services to
inculcate reading habits, to inspire creativity, to facilitate lifelong learning and research among
the communities of the institution

Working Hours of the Library:
Monday to Friday: 9-30AM to 5-30PM
Saturday: 9 AM to 2 PM
Sunday: Holiday

Contact Details
Dr. Selvaraja A
P.E.S. College of Science, Arts & Commerce,
M C Road, Mandya 571 401.
Contact No: 080-220257

Important Links

Reference Links for Students and Staffs

Rules of the Library and Information Center

  1. Library Membership is compulsory to all students who are admitted to UG & PG Courses
  2. Readers are requested to bring their Membership ID Card whenever they visit the library.
  3. Members are requested to deposit their belongings at the Library Security Counter without
  4. Readers are requested not to bring any valuable / costly materials like Jewels, Money,
    Mobiles and any other equipment to the library.
  5. Staff at the security counter are authorized to check the Membership ID Card at the entrance
    of the library.
  6. All readers are requested to put their signature compulsorily in the attendance register kept at the Security Desk.
  7. Members are not allowed to bring their personnel Books, Journals and any other Electronic
    equipment inside the library.
  8. Readers are requested to converse in low tone / voice.
  9. Readers are requested to not to fold the pages of any books while taking for Xerox instead
    please use flaps for identification.
  10. Please switch off your mobiles whenever you are inside the library.
  11. Please use the dustbin to put any wastage like papers, chocolate covers and any such
  12. Please do not tear the pages of any books instead, please use photocopy facilities.
  13. Please do not misplace / hide the documents and try to maintain the arrangements in order
    without any disturbance.
  14. Please keep the library environment clean and tidy.
  15. Members are requested to keep the books on the desk itself after their use.
  16. Readers are requested to contact the concerned authority for any guidance and assistance.
  17. Readers Co-operation is solicited.

Services of the Library and Information Center

  1. Reference Service (RS)
  2. Referral Service
  3. Current Awareness Service (CAS)
  4. 3.1 Display of currently purchased books
    3.2 Routing of new journals.
  5. Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)
  6. Inter Library Loan
  7. Computer-Based Information Services
  8.   6.1 Computerized Selective Dissemination of Information.
      6.2 Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC)
      6.3 Online Information Retrieval Services
      6.4 Internet Based Services
          6.4.1 Electronic mail service
           6.4.2 Bulletin board service
           6.4.3 ListServes
           6.4.4. Web-based services

Facilities of the Library

  1. Book bank facility
  2. Good photocopy service
  3. Printout facilities to users at minimal cost

Activities of the Library

The Library conducts periodically the following user-oriented activities-

  1. Orientation Programme to Fresh Students.
  2. Display of Books on Important personalities and occasions
  3. Book Exhibition on New Arrivals to Library / Gifted Books.

Library Report

Library and Information Centre

Complete details are available in the link, you can download it if required.